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Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, (HSMA), Mannheim, Germany

HSMA has 4500 students and 170 academic staff, approximately 500 students in social work.

Participation in VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp since 2004: HSMA was partner from
the very beginning of the VIRCLASS project.

  • Participated in development, teaching and assessment of M1 and M2b
  • Member of the Steering Committee and the leader for Promotion, Dissemination and Exploitation in the SW-VirCamp Project.
  • Chairman of the Consortium Management Group since autumn 2011.
  • Three e-teachers with e-pedagogy course.

Integration of the e-learning courses in the BA: SW-VirCamp online courses are optional courses for our BA students. Students get credit for the resulting ECTS; M1 (5 ECTS) for our BA module K5 (Social Problems in State and Society), M2 (10 ECTS) for our BA modules T5 (Theoretical Fundamentals of Social Work) & T7 (Profiling Professional Competences), and M3 (15 ECTS) for our BA modules T5/6 (Study & Research Workshop) & T6b (Methodical Skills).

Why is SW-VirCamp of interests to our institution?

It is our conviction that even as a predominantly ‘localised’ profession, social work can benefit enormously from international exchange and from cross-cultural perspectives. Besides contributing to a much needed internationalisation, SW-VirCamp also enriches us in methodological terms, as it provides teachers and students with e-teaching and e-learning experiences. It provides opportunities for “internationalisation at home”, especially for students and teachers who are not mobile.

Inholland University of Applied Sciences, (INH), Haarlem, the Netherlands

INH has 33.500 students and 2.900 Employees in 6 main locations. 6 Faculties, 83 BA programmes, 6 Associate degrees, 7 MA programmes, 28 Research groups.
The School of Social Work offers a 4 year BA program full time and part time (240 ECTS credits).

Participation in VIRCLASS/SW- VirCamp since 2005:

  • Member of the Steering Committee in VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp
  • Chairman of the Consortium Management Group since 2007 – autumn 2011
  • Leader of the work package 1 (From VIRCLASS to VIRTUAL CAMPUS) in the SW-VirCamp project.
  • Participated in development/teaching/assessment of M1, M2a and M2b, M3
  • Two teachers with the e-pedagogy course
  • Leading partner and Consortium Coordinator since autumn 2011

Intergration of the e-learning courses in BA/MA: M1 is offered as an optional course. M3 is offered as a minor programme.

Why is SW-VirCamp of interests to our institution?

SW-VirCamp is an ideal opportunity for internationalisation@home, and meets our aim for blended learning programmes. Cooperation in SW-VirCamp has increased the quality of our education because of high quality online programmes. SW-VirCamp has given a spin off to other initiatives and has increased the competences of the teaching staff. Research on e-learning: INH has a research department on e-learning.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, (HVL) Bergen, Norway


Bergen University College, Social Work Education programme, has been partner in VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp since the very beginning.

From January 1 2017, Bergen University College, Sogn og Fjordane University College and Stord/Haugesund University College have merged to form Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The campus at Sogn og Fjordane and Bergen will in 2018-19 offer the same study programme in social work for students at HVL.

With about 16,000 students, the new institution is one of the largest higher education institutions in Norway. The new institution offers a broad range of academic programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels.

The ambition is to build stronger and more solid academic and research environments who will interact nationally and internationally. The aim is to become a visible actor on the international higher education arena through increased international cooperation and engagement in externally funded projects within education and research.

Students at undergraduate and postgraduate level have access to high quality exchange opportunities abroad and staff-mobility is be encouraged.

Because of the merger, a process of renegotiating all international agreements will start from 2017 as part of an assessment of existing international links and cooperation in the new institution.

Quick facts

  • Approximately 16,000 students and 1,400 staff
  • Five campuses: Bergen, Førde, Haugesund, Sogndal and Stord
  • Name in English: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Name in Norwegian: Høgskulen på Vestlandet
  • Abbreviation: HVL (both in Norwegian and English)
  • Existing international agreements and projects will be continued

Bergen University College has been participant in VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp since 2004:

  • HiB has been the leading partner in VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp from 2004 – 2011
  • Member of the two Steering Committees in VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp
  • Member of the Consortium Management Group since 2004 –
  • Professional responsible for development of 4 e-courses: M1, M2b and M2c, M3 and E-pedagogy for teachers in Higher Education
  • Participated with teachers and assessors in e-courses since 2005 –
  • Editor of three Virtual Books
  • Four e-teachers with e-pedagogy course

Research on e-learning: A research team has followed the development and running of the e-learning courses. Papers about VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp are presented in national and international journals.

Why is SW-VirCamp of interests to our institution?

The innovative international programmes offer an opportunity for internationalisation@home. The e-learning courses have developed the digital competences among teachers and students. Integration of the e-learning courses in BA/MA: M1, M2 and M3 are offered as optional courses in the 2nd year social work BA programme (only 15 ECTS credits acknowledged). M3 a compulsory course for the MA in Community Work in 2011 (English MA programme).

Complutense University, (UCM), Madrid, Spain

The School of Social Work was established in 1986. From 2007 BA, MA & PhD studies of Social Work are offered at the School. Number of students/academic staff in total: 75.601 students and 6.206 professors. Number of students in social work: 1.900 approx.

Participation in VIRCLASS/SW-VirCamp since 2004:

  • Member of the Steering Committee in both projects from the beginning.
  • The leading partner for Quality Assurance and Dissemination in the SW-VirCamp project.
  • Participated in development/teaching/assessment of M1, M2 and M3.
  • 4 teachers with e-pedagogy training.

Integration of the e-learning courses in the BA/MA: All the 3 modules (30 ECTS in total) are fully integrated in the BA Social Work curriculum as optional courses for the students. Students can also do their Practice Placement and BA thesis under the SW-VirCamp program.

Why is SW-VirCamp of interest to your institution?

SW-VirCamp is a key element in the strategic plan for the internationalisation of the Social Work BA studies at the UCM. Among other objectives we plan to offer a Social Work BA in English in 3 years from now. SW-VirCamp (including Practice Placement and BA final Thesis) will be part of this BA. But we also share the SW-VirCamp vision of a shared, virtual and international Social Work BA.

Thomas More University College, Geel, Belgium

Thomas More University College has 7.400 students in eleven departments and 570 academic and administrative staff. In Social Work BA (180 ECTS credits) there are 460 students, 150 new students each year.

Participation in SW-VirCamp since autumn 2008:

  • Member of the Steering Committee from 2010.
  • Contributed to the development of the curriculum and content of the M3.
  • Delivered teachers and assessors for M1 and M3.
  • Two teachers have been involved as e-teachers.
  • Two teacher with e-pedagogy course.

Integration of the e-learning courses in BA/MA: M1 is part of our curriculum in the 2nd BA programme. M2 and M3 are part of the curriculum in the 3rd BA. All these modules are optional. At this moment, students have to choose between module 2 or 3 in the 3rd BA. Incoming students can choose for one or more modules to complete their study program.

Why is SW-VirCamp of interests to our institution?

Our Social Work Department offers students many opportunities for internationalisation: practice placement abroad, intensive programs, a course in English, international days and an English language course in addition to the SW-VirCamp e-learning modules. This makes us one of the most ‘internationalised’ departments of SW in Flanders and is important for our reputation and accreditation. By participating in SWVirCamp a lot of opportunities and experiences are gained; to be prepared for future flexible learning based on new technology, a development that will take place also in professional social work and the way social workers will deal with problems/issues in future.