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Presentation at the research Conference in Illinois

 SW-VirCamp research was presented at the Eight International Congress of Qualitative Inquiery 16-19 May 2012. The conference is a yearly event at the University of Illinois, in Champagne – Urbana. Grete Oline Hole and Anne Karin Larsen from Bergen University College presented results from the action research programme that had followed the two online courses in Community Work. The title of their presentation was: ‘Participatory Action Research/Action Learning: Contributing to Participants Understanding of the Concept of Community Work’.  It was a very interesting congress with presentations from important authors as Cresswell and Denzin.  To see the presentation go to: ICQI 18May Hole and Larsen


SW-Vircamp research projects

Social Work-Virtual Campus (SW-VirCamp): Co-construction of knowledge in an international e-learning study in community work In 2009 two researchers from HiB, Anne Karin Larsen and Grete Oline Hole started a research project following the development of the new Community Work module. The project is continuing the second year and follows the second cohort of students […]

Publications and presentations

Books   Anne Karin Larsen, Vishanthie Sewpaul & Grete Oline Hole  (eds) (2014) Participation in Community Work. International Perspectives. London, New York: Routledge. This book is a result of international cooperation starting from SW-VirCamp and with contribution from authors from five continents. For more information see: Participation in Community Work Reports Larsen, A K (2010) Social […]