About VirCamp

It started in 2002 when many of our partners joined the international network European Social Work (EUSW).

From the idea of arranging a summerschool in Parma in 2005 some of the partners in the network started to plan preparatory online courses for this summerschool. This became the beginning of the Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe (VIRCLASS). At first VIRCLASS was a task force group under EUSW, with it’s own funding from 2004, and grants from the Norway Opening Universities. In 2007 the VIRCLASS Consortium decided to apply for grants from the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning programme – Virtual Campus, and received grants for a two years period (2008-2010). You will find information about the history of  the VIRCLASS project and consortium here at this website (www.virclass.net) and at the website SW-VirCamp project

From October 2010 the new SW-VirCamp Consortium was established and based on partners’ contribution by an administrative fee to the leading institution and  shared work agreement for teaching, assessment, development and research. These are the 3 pillars of the SW-VirCamp Consortium.