SW-VirCamp Development

At this page we will publish ideas and plans for further development of the Virtual Campus.

  • We plan to get an overview of practice placements possible for incoming students from Partner institutions, and to get an overview of  the quality criteria and competences  required for practice studies in our partner institutions.
  • We plan to get an overview of the exam regulations at the different partner insitutions and to get an overview of study abroad programmes.
  • We plan to present an overview of actual conferences where we can participate with papers, and journals for publication of our research and development.


The SW-VirCamp LifeLong Learning Virtual Campus project 2008-2010

received a very good assessment from the EACEA: Read the: EACEA assessment

Project applications

Competences in online help for social and health workers (2013)

In 2013 Bergen University College and VirCamp partners Applied for grants from Norway Opening University for Development of an interprofessional course on competences in online help. The preapplication was approved, but the final Application not.

‘Web-based support services increase in the professional field of social- and health work both in private and public sectors. The Internet has evolved from an information-oriented platform to a communication platform. Service users use the Internet as a new way to get in touch with Health and social services. The ability to get in touch over the Internet also attracts new audiences, which implies a need for new knowledge with corresponding skills for professionals working in this field. Digital technologies can help tackle many of the challenges in Europe, related to better healthcare, independent living for the elderly and effective public services (European Commission, 2012). … (from the Application)’

The consortium will decide if there is going to be prepared an Application for the Erasmus+ programme.

PLACE – Project – Practice, Learning and Action Community on E-social work

In 2016 – Complutense University was the leading partner in a New Application for the Erasmus+, KA2 – Strategic partnership. In addition to the already VirCamp partner institutions – also Sichting Hoger Onderwijs, Netherland, and Lund University joined the Application.

The PLACE Project aims to practice and learning community where students and teachers from social work, entrepreneurship and data Technology education together develop creative methods for e-social work. Mapping the Field, develop a business idea for a New e-tool and develop a prototype. All together in international and multiprofessional teams.

The Project was not approved, and a New attempt was planned to do by Bergen University College – but because of plans for Institutional fusions – and expectations for work and changes in relation to this the Consortium decided not to rework the Application for 2017.