Study Material VC3 – Screen Lectures

Spring Semester (January to May). 15 ECTS


Introduction to Community Work from an International PerspectiveAnne Karin Larsen, Bergen University College, Norway

This lecture  she introduce you to the course content, the Curriculum Plan, the pedagogy or way of teaching and learning and how to find your way in your new learning arena.  Finaly she presents the material you will find in this virtual book and she give you a guideline for how to work with the virtual case: The Green Park Community Blog.

Community, Self and Identity

Vivienne Bozalek, University of Western Cape, South Africa

This lecturer presents the consept of communities and the different ways it can be seen. She then goes on to present how community was discussed by South African students by refering to a project called Community, Self and Identity that have been running across two universities in Cape Town; the Stellenbosch University and the University of Western Cape. The first University mainly with white students the other mainly with black students.

Community Work 1

Klas-Göran Olsson, School of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Sweden, Kjell Henriksbø, Bergen University College, Norway

They are speaking about different approaches to community work and the main principles of work; assisting people to imrpove their own community by undertaking collective action.

Community Work 2

Wolfgang Scherer and Gudrun Ehlert, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

In this lecture you will learn more about community work theory related to participation and other central aspect to consider when doing community work.

They say that Participation, Peace and Joy are complementing to “learning”!

What do you think? – Have a look.

Appreciative Inquiry and CW

Bieke Dierckx, KHKempen University College, Belgium

Welcome to the screen- lecture about Appreciative Inquiry.
I am Bieke Dierckx, lecturer in the department of Social Work in the Kempen university in Geel, a city in Belgium.
I want to introduce you to a method which, I hope you will maybe experience, as a very nice and interesting way of working.  I have to warn you because it might change your way of thinking, your way of living and your way of talking to people. Have a look at the video to learn more….

Project Work

Wim Wouters, KHKempen University College, Belgium

Project method is a commonly used method in Community Work. In this screen lecture Wim Wouters present the method in a systematic way. Listen and learn.

How to compare theories

Andres Arias and David Alonso, Complutense University, Madrid-Spain

In this lecture you will learn about how to do comparative work, which will be useful when you are going to work in an international classroom and deal with comparative issues.

Art as a tool for social change

Rina Visser, INHolland University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

In this lecture about Art and Culture, Rina Visser will try to make clear the different aspects  of art in the community and how art can play a catalytic  role in community work. She refers to some interesting community projects in the Netherlands. Take a look!

The use of PHOTOVOICE in CW

Eduardo Marques, Miguel Torga University College, Portugal

This lecture is about how you can use photodocumentation as part of your project with people in a community or an organisation. Photovoice is an intervention strategy that facilitates empowerment by creating a space for participation. With Photovoice social workers can use photography to build the capacities of participants to mobilize problemsolving in communities. Listen and learn about the method and it’s principles.

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