Study Material VC3 – Triggers

Spring Semester (January to May). 15 ECTS

The Playground

Listen to this story about childrens’ community.

What does this story tell about communities?


What kind of thoughts comes to your mind when you see this trigger?

How can you relate this to empowerment?

What is the heart beat of your community?

Human Rights

How can you link HUMAN RIGHTS to your project plan?

Are you aware of HUMAN RIGHTS when you are working with people?

Power of TV

How does this medea influence peoples life?

How can you as social worker/community worker use media as part of your job?

Pay attention!

Awareness raising.

As a professional community worker what do you pay attention to??

Watch the video.

Top-Down TV

What comes to your mind when you see this trigger?

Does it have to be a CRASH????


Who will be the door-openers to your community work project?

User participation

User participation is important in Community Work …

Please watch the presentation and discuss what you feel when you see the pictures

Shrinking cities

Have a look at this German city and reflect on what you see.

At this page you will also find a textfile with more information. Before reading the text, think about the questions you find below the video.

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