Yearly Meetings 2019 – Würzburg in Germany

Once again partners in VirCamp will meet each other during the days 27 – 29 (week 22) May 2019. Our host this time and also for the first time, is University of Applied Sciences Würzburg – Schweinfurt in Germany. Teacher meetings, Steering Committee meeting and Consortium Management meeting will be held these days.

Short summary from the teachermeetings in Geel, Belgium

The VirCamp Yearly Meetings took place at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Geel, Belgium from 5-8 of June 2018. Starting with a two days teacher meeting including a lunch meeting with the Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public health and Family, Jo Vandeurzen and Wim Wouters.

The teachers evaluated the courses arranged during the study year 2017-18, and worked on revision and changes of the first two VirCamp courses as well as transfer of material to the new learning management system Canvas.

On June 7th, the Steering Committee had their meeing and worked out the year report and program and suggestions for the CMG meeting, including number of hours for workshare and the roles of the SC members. The Coordinator for Education is Remmelt Veenkamp, for research and development Jose Ignacio Pichardo and Inger Kristin Heggdalsvik (HVL) will take over the job as web editors after Anne Karin Larsen.

During the Consortium management Group meeting on June 8th, a historical presentation of VirCamp was presented by Anne Karin Larsen, and the CMG members had the year report presented by Inge Vervoort. Then a report from the teacher meeting were shared and the next year workplan and budget was agreed upon.

As a result of courses partly developed by participants in the ePedagogy course, a suggestion was made for further work on these to see if they can be included in the VirCamp course portfolio, offered either to BA or MA students.

To see the minutes go to: For partners

VirCamp Yearly Meetings in Belgium

Once again partners in VirCamp will meet each other during the days 5-8 June 2018. Our host this time is Thomas More University College, arranging two days teacher meeting, one day Steering Committee meeting and one day Consortium Management meeting. Program for the meeting is available here: Agenda Meeting Belgium – 5 June – 8 June 2018. During the first day we have been invited to a meeting with the Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family in Brussels, where we also will meet our previous leader Wim Wouters who now is working at the Ministry. Then the next days the meetings continue at the campus in Geel.

During the last study year two courses have been running: Community Work form an International Perspective and E-pedagogy for Teachers in Higher Education. Two other courses have been updated and will be ready to start in autumn 2018.


A New German partner

We are happy to welcome Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences as a New Associated partner, and hope they will be able to incorporate our online courses in their BA programme in social work.

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