VirCamp is proud to introduce a new module: Social and Impact Entrepreneurship in an International Perspective, spring 2021

Social and Impact Entrepreneurship in an International Perspective, 10 ECTS (Pilot) 

Course period: February 1st  – April 30th, 2021

See Curriculum Plan Social Impact Entrepreneurship


Social & Impact entrepreneurship is an online course that allows students from social sciences and entrepreneurship in various countries to learn from each other and to share information, knowledge, skills and values about social innovation. The course brings together diverse professional and cultural backgrounds of students, who will cooperate and learn from each other and together.

Social entrepreneurship is defined by doing business for a social purpose. Social entrepreneurs combine social and economic actions in a way that improves the lives of people connected to the cause. They don’t measure their success in terms of profit alone or dominantly. They measure their economic performance just on a slightly positive breakeven. Whereas, success to social entrepreneurs is measured outside the social start-up whether they have improved the world and have had a positive impact on society based on the common good.


Application deadline : 15 /12/ 2020

Course start:  1/2/ 2021

Course end:  30/4/2021


How to apply and further information:

Students from VirCamp partner Institutions: please contact the VirCamp person of reference in your Institution

Students from other Institutions: please contact Winfried Weber


Application form for students from other institutions: Application Form Social and Impact Entrepreneurship in an International Perspective

Development of a new VirCamp Module: Social Entrepreneurship from an international perspective

Social & Impact Entrepreneurship:

Course development starts together with international partners

Social work and Social entrepreneurship require a global perspective from the very beginning in order to meet the challenges of humanity in a holistic and cross-border way. It all starts with the individual – with a personal vision of a better world: “What is really important to me!” – embedded into a team with a shared vision. Social Entrepreneurship ventures also start with building a vision around social challenges and to develop a more balanced and solidary society. This reflection and the introduction to the idea of meeting social problems in an entrepreneurial way require inspiring and professional didactics. Vircamp has launched the design of a new course, that will be online as a pilot course at the beginning of 2021. The Coordination Board Meeting held 02.07.2020 mandated Prof. Dr. Winfried Weber (University of Applied Sciences Mannheim & Peter Drucker Society) and Prof. Dr. Harald Bolsinger (FHWS University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt & Impact 4 Entrepreneurship gGmbH) as head teachers in the first pilot course to come.

Summary from the yearly teacher meetings 2020 – digital in Kaltura

Yearly teacher meeting May 2020

Due to the Covid-19 virus ufortunately the yearly teacher meetings could not be held in Bergen, Norway. Instead, a digital version were held during the planned dates 27th – 29th May 2020.

Our platform was Kaltura and both theacher meetings, Steering Comittee meeting and Consortium management group meeting were completed.

In addition to VirCamps`already existing three modules, the teacher group is working on the development of a new module: “Social entrepreneurship (1o ECTS-credits).” A pilot will be offered in 2021.

It was also decided that VirCamp will offer a new E-pedagogy course through autumn/spring 2020/2021. Exact dates are to be announced under the heading e-courses.

Even though the yearly meeting were run perfectly well digitally, all teachers hope to be able to meet physically next year.


Yearly Meetings 2020 – Bergen in Norway

This year, partners in VirCamp will meet each other during the days 27 – 29 (week 22) May 2020. Host this time is Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – Campus Bergen in Norway. Teacher meetings, Steering Committee meeting and Consortium Management meeting will be held these days.

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