The end of four days network meeting in Mannheim

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Four fruitful days of work from 30 May – 2nd June ended with the Consortium Management Group meeting. This time also with a new partner from Federation University, Australia. Interesting suggestions for a new course in Street Pedagogy came up and a revision of  the two modules M1 and M2 have started and will be finished till the study year 2018-19. In spring 2018 a new e-pedagog course is planned for teachers in higher education, and the course on Community Work – International Perspectives will run as usual.

The VirCamp Yearly meetings in Mannheim 2017


From 30th – 31th May – VirCamp teachers will meet in Mannheim. This time we will focus on changes needed for two of our courses M1 and M2. The consortium has decided not to arrange these two course during the coming study year – and use the time to make changes and updates for the courses. Partners form other continents joining our consortium makes it necessary to do changes.

After the teacher meeting the Steering Committee will meet on 1st June and on the 2nd the Consortium Management Group will meet. To see the programme, check the event list.

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