Who we are

VirCamp is a European Social Work Consortium of seven Higher Education Institutions located in Belgium, Germany, Norway and Spain. VirCamp offers outstanding expertise in the organisation and coordination of international virtual Social Work classrooms, with almost 20 years of experience.

VirCamp partners meet on a regular basis to share teaching and managerial work, and contribute with an annual fee to the Consortium budget.

Our Values

What we offer...

We believe that Social Work, even as a predominantly localized profession, can benefit enormously from international exchange and cross-cultural perspectives. You will be part of a dynamic group of Higher Education Institutions that are leaders in the field of international online education while offering high quality courses for students. Higher Education Institutions teachers and staff involved in the VirCamp activities experience this as a learning community and as an important route to effective professionalization.

what we offer...

...to Students

Students have the great opportunity to select up to four international e-courses in the field of Social Work, which allows them to be part of a worldwide learning and teaching community and gain a broader perspective in international Social Work.
VirCamp also provides students with meaningful e-learning experiences and enriching methodological advances.

what we offer...

...to Teachers

Teachers are part of the VirCamp family, an internationally dynamic community. This allows them to gain meaningful e-teaching experiences and enlarge their network of international contacts and colleagues. Furthermore, VirCamp teachers join our yearly meetings, can take advantage of further professional development and participate in, or initiate Research & Development projects. By taking the much valued E-Pedagogy course, they get prepared for their international online teaching and assessing activities.

what we offer...

...to Higher Education Institutions

As a member of VirCamp, Higher Education Institutions contribute to an internationalization and cross-cultural learning experience. This gives students and teachers the chance to learn and teach on an international level in our VirCamp international e-courses.
Through VirCamp, partner institutions enrich their range of English speaking lectures and fulfill the dimension of inclusion. They offer access to internationalization at home to students and teachers who are usually not able to participate in mobility programs abroad.

How we work

Courses are taught by an international team of teachers
belonging to all VirCamp partner institutions. Students from
different countries work together in online groups. VirCamp
partner institutions share their teaching workload, the
responsibility of the coordinating roles, and the costs.
Organizationally, the Consortium nominates a Leader
Institution for the management of daily business
activities. Policies, financial and planning decision
making processes are set by the Steering Committee
and the Consortium Management Group.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the
VirCamp community, we shall be delighted to provide
all necessary information and support. Find out more
about becoming a partner and the different VirCamp
memberships here, or contact the Leading Partner.